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April - 28 - 2017

People play online bingo because of the huge cash prizes at stake. Since there are more players and the sites are open to players from around the world, the cash prizes to be won are also very high. It is important to note though that online bingo is not just about winning cash prizes. There […]

April - 26 - 2016

‘Play free and win for real’- doesn’t even the thought of it makes you happy even before you actually start playing? Well, the world of online bingo has in store some fun packed games that can be played free of cost and that too with offer of incredible prizes. On some sites free bingo play […]

June - 12 - 2013

Bingo, as a game is one of the best-known Internet gambling games that you can find in the market. When you talk about playing online bingo, you find a lot of people’s eyes light up, which only indicates the amount of interest that they have in the game, and the amount of worries that they […]